Serving the Town of Granite, we are a small rural school located in Greer County. Steeped in tradition, Granite Public Schools has received state recognition in both academics and athletics.

Through the efforts of our hard working educators, combined with the involvement of concerned parents and a supportive community, we strive to instill a strong work ethic and high standards within our students so they may thrive in their future.


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2017-2018 School Supply List

Monday, August 14
HSBB v Leedey 4:30

Tuesday, August 15
*School Begins
JH/HSSB v Olustee 4:30
JHBB Sentinel Festival

Thursday, August 17
*Student Body and Class Meetings 12:45
* HSSB MVG Tournament
*HSBB Leedey Tournament

Friday, August 18
HSSB MVG Tournament
HSBB Leedey Tournament

Saturday, August 19
HSSB MVG Tournament
HSBB Leedey Tournament

Monday, August 21
*Cub Scout (K-5) info @ Rise and Shine
*HSSB v Blair 4:00
*JHBB Granite Tournament

Tuesday, August 22
* RSA Parent Meeting K-3rd
 5:00 pm
*JHBB Granite Tournament